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    Mulch is an essential part of any quality landscape. Mulch has many benefits especially when a landscape involves plants. Mulch retains moisture in soil, suppresses weeds, keeps the soil cool, and protects the plants roots from cold. Long-term benefits for using mulch include improved soil structure, drainage, and fluid holding capacity. Elixson is a premium mulch brand that you can trust to be the best mulch for your landscape or garden.

    Shipping & Returns

    The Yard Stop is proud to be a partner in your outdoor, home, garden, and landscape adventures! Per business, municipal, and federal regulatory guidelines terms below apply to your purchase. Outdoor Power Equipment sales are final. This includes mowers, handheld equipment, chainsaws, and generators. Electrical components and special parts sales are final. All other parts will be issued store credit within 30 days of sale. Equipment left for estimate or repair are considered abandoned after 30 days’ notice has expired. All Plant, Tree, Shrub, and Flower sales are final. Plants sold and installed by The Yard Stop are guaranteed for 6 months if irrigated and maintained properly. This guarantee does not apply to neglected plants or the incidence of natural disasters. Bulk landscape and special-order sales are final. Thank you for your business!

    The Yard Stop has a ton of offered services for our customers. These changes are a result of addressing the questions year after year.


    Does The Yard Stop Deliver?
    Yes!, The Yard Stop delivers for zero turn mowers and similiar equipment for free within 45mi of the store. If you purchase landscaping materials there is a cost based on distance.

    What can I expect when I purchase equipment?
    The Yard Stop fuels, services, and takes all the steps to make sure your machine is ready to perform when you pick it up or have it delivered.

    Where do your plants come from?
    Our plants are first picks from regional nurserys and are stored, watered, and cared for to ensure that they have the best chance of survival once planted or moved from the nursery. There are multiple factors such as shock and environmental change that can affect plants negatively. However, The Yard Stop has the right team in place to make sure that our plant life is the best available and preconditioned to handle the buying and moving process.

    Are there bundle deals?
    Absolutely, we can bundle just about anything including lawn maintenance packages, landscaper packages, and more. We do not keep trailers on premisis but have partners that produce and sell trailers for your package deal.

    How does financing work?
    The Yard Stop can get someone financed for a new mower or handheld equipment purchase in as little as 15 minutes. Once you decide on what equipment is best for you we give you a great deal and easy financing, lightning fast.

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