What Is A Zero Turn Lawn Mower

What Is A Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Zero turn mowers are versatile machines. They can mow around obstacles and in tight spaces much easier than other types of mowers. The twin stick style of steering and twin hydraulic transmissions allow zero turn mowers to do exactly as their name implies, turn with zero radius. Zero Turn Mowers are also quite fast, some reaching speeds of 19mph during operation. With huge benefits to productivity and function a zero turn mower is a great option.

Zero Turn Mower Quick Facts

Zero Turn Mower Engines

There are some great engines available from 18hp all the way up to 40hp. Top brands for mower engines are Kawasaki, Briggs & Stratton, Vanguard, and Kohler. Here at The Yard Stop You’ll see those three brands primarily on the mowers we offer.

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Zero Turn Mower Transmissions

I know this may seem odd but zero turn mowers have transmissions and they’re one of the most important parts of the mower. In some cases, the transmission is the main factor separating a residential mower from a commercial mower. Mower transmissions may be called a few different names in reference, such as wheel motor, hydraulic motor, etc… Nonetheless, its just simply the way that power from the engine makes it to the wheels. Our brands are industry leaders in the commercial and residential segments, so the transmissions are second to none. From TuffTorq, Parker, all the way up to Hyperdrive transmissions that are capable of 19mph+.

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Zero Turn Mower Decks

I know we just talked about mower decks but let’s dig in a little. Do you want a mower that can endure heavy commercial use or a lifetime of mowing at home? The deck can be a determining factor in achieving those things. Deck thickness is number one, some of our mowers have up to 3/16” thick decks that are welded and built with care. Deck height is another important factor, when mowing in tall or thick grass you want to be sure that your mower deck has the capability to deal with the volume of debris that it is creating and disposing of. Here at The Yard Stop there are mowers with 6” tall decks which take care of that issue easily.

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Zero Turn Mower Frames

Oh yea, all of these parts have to go somewhere, we certainly can’t leave out the frame. Some zero turn mowers can way 1000lbs and more. This brings us to something I’m really excited to say, because frankly it sounds cool. Some of these mowers have fully fusion welded frames, the others may just have traditionally welded frames but those are good as well.

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